Reasons Why Apple Doesn’t Manufacturer Their Own Parts

One of the greatest production industries for phones is Apple, which was founded by Steve Jobs and other co-partners. Currently, there is no other organization that has beaten Apple in terms of smartphones, EarPods, smartwatches, tablets, even laptops. Apple is a brand that doesn’t compete with other brands because of its uniqueness and difference in production. One major question that most customers of this brand ask is, why doesn’t Apple manufacture their parts for the production of these products? Here’s why.

Many great production companies don’t really manufacture their parts, it’s just like you expecting an airline to manufacture its planes, or refine its fuel, it doesn’t work like that. Apple doesn’t manufacture their parts because it will also delay the time of production for their products. Just imagine making parts and producing new items with those parts at once, when demands for your products are high. Instead, it’s preferable to partner with another company that makes the parts, while you compose it and produce whatever you want, so it saves time.

You shouldn't be surprised to hear

No wonder Apple’s products have always been the best. Every phone user wants to have an iPhone or iPad, even their iPod is unique, as competitors can’t produce iPods because Apple created it and gave it its name. Apple’s company has a well-integrated environment, where all their products are produced, what some individuals don’t understand is that it’s a consumer company, not a technology company. That’s why you don’t expect Apple to make parts when it’s not a technology company, so the manufacturing of parts is done by other companies which partnered with Apple.

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Samsung sells parts to Apple, as things like this can happen at any time, but getting different parts from other companies doesn’t affect Apple or its company’s annual income. They’re some components of a device, either a smartphone or an iPad, that are sophisticated or tiny, so it requires extra care, time, and effort when making use of such components. Don’t forget that there are some parts made by Apple, like the MacBook CNCed shells, color-matched plastics, and others.

Reasons Why Apple Doesn't Manufacturer Their Own Parts

Another reason suggested by customers about the manufacturing of Apple’s components, is that different companies will manufacture for a cheaper price than Apple. It’s like a chef, he cooks but it’s not the same person who the foods like rice, onions, beans, etc. Life is all about collaboration and partnership, don’t try to do everything by yourself, if not, problems might occur in the process, that’s why Apple doesn’t take such risks, this is what makes their products unique.

Apple knows this. They focus on the things they are good at and leave the rest stuff to those that have already mastered the logistics of manufacturing. More smartphones are to be expected from Apple, and as customers are demanding more, they know the benefits of using iPhones or iPads, compared to Android phones and tablets. The iPhone 12 is Apple’s latest smartphone, while ipad4 pro is the latest iPad so far.

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