Rise and Fall of Toshiba Laptops

Rise and Fall of Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba is a Japan-based company that is popularly known for the manufacture of electronic goods. They have been key players in the industry since as early as 1970s. Among the products that saw the rise of its brand include personal computers plus laptops that are relatively more portable than the latter. Their first innovation and entry into the computing world is stunning according to the computing industry. Its beginnings were humble at a time when technology was still limited and capacity of most computers was still minimal. Toshiba’s first PC was launched in 1969, with little prospect of success. Every individual was anticipating the failure of this first model, but it eventually sailed through with a success story.

Main reason why people anticipated failure

Main reason why people anticipated failure was that the model, dubbed as T1100 was unconventional. Its floppy disk was smaller than the existing ones that were at least 5 mm yet T1100 was 3 mm. Additionally, its price was higher than the rest of the existing personal computers. These initial challenges did not limit the growth of Toshiba as a computer brand. However, all has not been rosy for the once vibrant brand, with the latest announcement from Toshiba spelling doom for the eventual end of an era of Toshiba laptops and computers. Earlier this year, there was an announcement confirming that Toshiba will no longer participate in making more laptops.

Rise and Fall of Toshiba Laptops

What could have escalated this situation to mean total death for the Toshiba brand? There are different reasons. Successive losses made by Toshiba in the last two or three years have become untenable plus difficult to sustain. It’s estimated that Toshiba made a loss amounting to almost 390 billion Yen, which is almost the equivalent of up to 4 billion US dollars. With this trend, a continuation of the production process with dim prospects was unreasonable, and probably the main cause of action was to sell shares plus close shop.

The above reason is subject to facts and figures that give a good prediction of the kind of trajectory that Toshiba was taking. Losses were inevitable; due to poor strategy by the owners of the company. Technology is currently moving at great speeds, and lagging for a few minutes can make you lose a lot. Most economies are now controlled by digital financial markets. This implies heavy use of technological gadgets like computers, laptops, tablets plus smartphones. Toshiba remained rigid while its competitors were upgrading their products. A key point of contrast that is glaring between the latest Toshiba gadgets versus other brands like Mac or Hp is the size plus speed levels.

Consumers now prefer smaller gadgets that can handle heavy work at super speeds. Toshiba failed to capture these aspirations, which diverted the attention of consumers. The decline in sales from 2017 to 2020 is clear, from a high of up to 13 million units to a low of around 2 million. Eight percent of Toshiba’s shares have been purchased by Sharp, which is going to take over production with their branding. This meant an end to the once-loved brand, which was a mark of quality.

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