Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Keeping up with rise in population in terms of production of goods can some times be hard. Continued use of manual methods of producing goods could worsen such situations. Therefore, adopting better ways like advanced manufacturing is the best option. As the name suggests, it is any use of tech in improve the productivity of companies. The main goal of industries is to produce in large quantities within the shortest time possible. However, quality of output and flexibility of the sector is equally an important factor.

It is upgrading the old method whereby, technology is integrated into the process. There are 3 main groups namely, efficient product making that mainly deals with optimal production of goods. Using the least possible cost without affecting product quality, Intelligent, involves increased productivity through involving research and ICT into the sector. Effective organization ensures that there is human brain combined with the resources available. It is also crucial to know the benefits of using advanced methods as named here.

They demand high payments depending on

Improved quality, with new tech into this sector one of the obvious benefit is making good quality products, reasons being, there is less use of people’s effort. This reduces errors that occurs during working on assigned duties, for example a conveyer belt is less likely to break glasses during packaging compared to a human being. Reduced Cost of labor, labor is costly because it involves employing people.

They demand high payments depending on the level of education and experience. Use of tech only requires fewer staff and only payment of costs like electricity and technical persons is low which helps in cost reduction. On this note, high-tech plants saves time and reduces inefficiency that results to large productions within a short period of time and that saves on cost.

Usage of equipment makes companies flexible

Time Saving. Reducing time used to produce goods or products, while humans work for a number of hours before becoming tired since they cannot work continuously for an entire day. Appliances, backed up by tech only needs to be fed with relevant raw materials because they are made to perform operations. They do not need to be monitored closely, so they can work for long hours without getting tired. This reduces the overall time required to produce certain number of products

Usage of equipment makes companies flexible in terms of changing product designs and size. It helps in product size changes which an important marketing strategy which may be hard when using old methods. There are also some setbacks that come about with advanced methods as outlined. Increased automation and use of appliances in production leads to high reliance on them. This leads to limited creativity which is seen when employees work manually. In such cases, upon encountering a problem, they brainstorm and come up with a solution to that problem.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Air pollution is a threat that could lead to serious climatic conditions. This change is contributed by excessive use of machinery that emit gases and other harmful wastes into the atmosphere. If this happens, it may lead to bad conditions that could pose a danger to human life. When using human labor on the other hand, such problems are avoided. Machinery can work for long hours with little or no supervision and still give good output.

Using them replaces the need to hire human labor creating loss of jobs to people. Unemployment means lowers buying power of people that translates to low business income. The problem could lead to economic recession and increased crime rates. Noise pollution arising from appliances may result in hearing problems and accidents arising from heavy devices leads to death. Appliances use electricity that could shock staff working on them, plants that are made up of rotating wheels may accidentally cut off fingers.

People can work well as long as they are not tired, they can work in shifts making production without any problems. Robotics works well until breakdown occurs, when broken, production has to stop until it gets repaired. This shows they can be unreliable and result to delays that may reduce output and profits. Adopting advanced ways can therefore be good as well as bad. Striking a balance would be the best way to come up with methods that will ensure improved efficiency while ensuring no loss of jobs in the process.

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